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Aleksandra Koluder is a Costume Designer from Croatia. She relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland where she continues her creative practice and observation of this beautiful and powerful Nordic country and nature.

Since her early age, Aleksandra was always interested in fashion, design and art. She studied Sculptural and plastic design at the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, Croatia.
She continued her studies at the University of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Croatia where she earned a BA in Fashion Design and an MA in Costume Design. During her studies, she applied theoretical knowledge in practice while working on numerous projects and thus has gained multiple awards for her creative work.

Many of her colleagues can a testify that working in a variety of positions within the Costume Department in Film and Television, Theater, Commercials, and Fashion editorials has given Aleksandra a wide range of skills allowing her to execute any project to its utmost excellence.

Aleksandra's creativity and her passion for innovation, history, trends, researching and a strong work ethic have helped her in creating a unique, authentic and imaginative body of work.

Currently, she is working between Croatia and Iceland mainly in the film industry and advertisement.

She is also, developing her new project - Riba which is connecting bizarre materials like fishbones into new forms and shapes to create balance and fine contrast between roughness, unattractiveness and elegance.

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