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Costume Designer and assistant in the Movie industry:

Working as a freelancer between many productions:

  • Wardrobe assistant for movie „STEP BY STEP": Biljana Čakić Veslić, INTERFILM, 2010

  • Costumer for movie “VEGETARIAN CANNIBAL“: Branko Schmidt, 2011

  • Wardrobe assistant „GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY“: Peter Greenaway, MP FILM, 2011

  • Wardrobe assistant for movie„DIANA“: Oliver Hirschbiegel, MP FILM,2012

  • Costumer for movie „ITSI BITSI“: Ole Christian Madsen, MPFILM, 2013

  • Assistant for costume design on movie „THE PRIEST´S CHILDREN“: Vinko Brešan

  • Costume designer for movie „ AN AWFUL PAIR OF SHOES“ Luka Čurčić 2013.

  • Costumer for movie „COWBOYS“: Tomislav Mrsić, KABINET production, 2014

  • Costume designer for movie „THE CLEAN UP“  Directed by Jasna Nanut 2014.

  • Costume designer for movie „HANDS“  Directed by Jasna Nanut 2014. 

  • Costumer for movie „ZG 80“: Igor Seregi, KINOTEKA production, 2015

  • Costume designer for movie „PLAYING THE TIGER“  Directed by Jasna Nanut 2015.

  • Costume designer for short film " DRINK MY LIFE" Marzibil Snæfríðar Sæmundardóttir 2019

  • Costume designer for short film " KREPPTUR HEFI" Logi Sigursveinsson 2019

  • Costume designer for movie " BACKYARD VILLAGE" Marteinn Thorsson 2021

  • Costume designer for short film "HEARTLESS" Haukur Björgvinsson 2020

  • Breakdown artist for Tv series "HOTEL PORTOFINO" Adam Wimpenny 2021

  • Breakdown artist for "Luther" Jamie Payne 2022

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